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Jessica Jefferies
Casting Director



Jessica casts projects across film, TV, commercials, theatre, video games, animation and XR.

Creative and ambitious in applying her knowledge when it comes to specialised casting for voice, performance capture, VFX and SFX; Jessica works closely with directors, developers and producers to bring together fantastic performers within exciting forms of storytelling. As an office we have a warm, open and thorough process to cast the very best talent for each individual project.


We are an independent casting office and do not represent any actors or hold a roster of talent. We are impartial and always strive to offer casting briefs to all agencies and unrepresented actors whenever they fit the brief. Our goal is to be open and fair with every job that we cast, achieving excellent results that showcase the greatest talent and give our clients complete satisfaction throughout the casting process.

Jessica collaborates with fellow casting director Emma Sylvester, on TV, Film and theatre projects.

Casting Services

Video Games,

VO, Animation, Commercials,

Theatre & Film

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