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Jessica Jefferies

After graduating from East 15 Acting School, Jessica worked as an actor for nearly 10 years in theatre, film & video games. During her acting career, Jessica worked primarily in the world of performance capture for video games & VFX, before moving her expertise to support the development of specialist casting in 2018. Jessica is passionate about improving industry standards and fair, transparent treatment for actors, as well as working closely with agents to encourage a greater understanding of working within this field.


She continues to be an advocate for performers in new media, video games, VFX, XR & animation, and truly understands the skillsets they require and how this industry is carving its own unique space in the world of entertainment. Jessica is now the UK's leading casting director in the field of voice, motion & performance capture for video games, and is a member of both the Casting Directors Association and the Casting Directors Guild, as well as being a full voting member of BAFTA.


Award nominations:

CDA Award nominee 2023 for Best Casting in Open Media.

CDA Award nominee 2021 for Best Casting of a Creative Project.

Mandy Casting Director of the Year award nominee.

Recent clients include:

Tencent & NExT Studios, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Axis Animation, Maze Theory,
Supermassive Games, Games Workshop, Pixel Toys, Reflector Entertainment.

"Jessica is fighting, pretty much single handedly for the fair treatment of people working in the motion/performance capture world for films and video games."

"Jessica is not only a delight to keep in contact with, open and personable but most importantly professional and on point every time. She is making the industry a better place not just for performers, but for all in the industry."

"Jessica always makes the effort to get back to people, and attend events to advise or pass on her guidance. She goes way beyond the call of duty, and for that, she is clearly CD of the year. "

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